Happy Monday, friends.  I want you to know that my heart is sad today…..I know that many of you are sad too.   What happened to George Floyd (and so many people before him) breaks my heart, and I am sure it does for y’all too…but if you are like me, it’s so hard to know how to use that broken-heartedness and channel it into change around you.  Do you find yourself in this same place?  If so, I am going to share something with you that might help.

My pastor challenged us this weekend to engage in and show our love to ALL people in our immediate communities.   Black, white, yellow…everyone.  This is the Gospel and what we are called to do, and it’s something that we can all do better.  Actions speaking louder than words, right?

I think love can take the form of speaking out….We can and should make it clear on our platforms that we won’t stand for racism. You don’t have to be an “influencer” for this.  In fact, you influence the people around you in the most beautiful and organic way.  In my opinion, that’s equally (or arguably more) impactful than anyone who has a large social media following–from your home to work, friends and family.  Wouldn’t it be even more powerful to be doing this while standing beside our precious black friends in our communities and showing them how deeply they are loved through our actions as well?   I think this can look a bunch of different ways…be creative and think about who you can love on during this time….  to show that that you care and SEE them in their pain.    Building relationships and breaking down barriers…it’s a beautiful thing if you think about it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you, because it helped me know how I can help.  And, in case you find yourself in the same place…where you are wanting to learn more, I wanted to pass it along to you too.

I will see you back here on Wednesday with What’s been going on! See you then! XOXO Narci

Edited to add:  As I’ve watched how our country is hurting this week, I just don’t see how I can post for the remainder of this week.  The pain is so deep for our black brothers and sisters.   I am grieving with all of you over this and taking some time off this week to dig into my community and to see how I can make a difference.  I love you guys, and I will see you on Monday.

XO Narci

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  1. There are lots of actions that can be done right now, including education! This is a document that I know many white people are working through. Hope it helps you and your family!


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