Friday What

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you had a good week.  Last night on my instastories, I asked for you to share what areas you are struggling with so we can talk about them via the scripture…and my heart just broke.  It’s interesting, because I know my readers are from all over, but you guys are feeling the same level of heaviness that I know alot of the people I know in Texas are feeling.  I’ll be sharing some scriptures on Wednesday mornings to help.  These times are so hard.  Let’s walk it all together.

Today is going to be short and sweet.  I am running behind this week, so just a quick share on what I am watching, reading, eating….let’s go…

Okay, technically, I am listening to this and not watching, but did you know that Beth Moore does podcasts?  Where have I been?

I listened to this one on Thursday morning, and it ministered to my heart so deeply.  Just like her studies, it requires you to pay close attention, but you will love this and her I am sure.

Right now in my quiet time, I am reading through the book of Acts.

In 2020, I am reading through different books of the Bible and journaling as I go…this has been such a blessing to me and really deepened my understanding of the Bible.

Cooking in a new kitchen is so fun.  We aren’t making anything crazy complicated,  but after several weeks of showing a house, packing up a house, moving, and unpacking…simple things like making pasta and cutting a watermelon are extra sweet.


I will be honest…I am not buying much right now.  When we moved, we realized how much we have that we don’t need.  The biggest area that needed some help though was the porch and backyard spaces.  So, I did grab these great outdoor pillows to spruce things up just a bit.  I love them!

The country life.  haha! On my walks, I am loving all of the nature.

I am getting used to the bugs and starting to identify what sounds I am hearing at night and early in the morning.  This precious dog joined me for part of my walk the other day.  He was sweet as can be.  I think his nature is to herd and protect, so I am sure he thought he was just doing his job by being my escort.  I love that.

Also, you know I am always ready to poke fun at myself…On Saturday morning, I got myself stuck in the mud at the end of our driveway. Oh my gosh. haha.  I am confident that every single farmer that drove by chuckled to himself. City rookie mistake.  Proud to say that I have kept all my wheels on the gravel since then.  I am learning! 😉

Have a great weekend, y’all.  I will be back here on Monday with you!  I am doing a spray paint project this weekend, so I hope to be able to share the pics from that on here.   See you then! XOXO Narci

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  1. At first I just assumed that was your new dog! At least he was nice and friendly. We have one in our neighborhood that we are actually afraid to walk by and he’s never tied up.


  2. Love that you’re settling in to your new environment. I thought you got a pet brother for Dixie! Enjoy your weekend…


  3. Hi Narci, I am the worst at Instagram stories but I wanted to let you know I am so happy for you and your sweet family on your beautiful new home and as a long time reader of your blog you have helped me so much with understanding my faith. What is weighing heavy on my heart today is the loss of a friendship I never thought I would lose- I had a friend turn on me because of a text I sent and it has been really hard. I am hoping she will forgive me and we can resume our friendship.


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