House Project: Chair Swings Refresh

Hey, hey!  Happy Monday.  This weekend was mostly filled with house stuff…just lots of small details that still needed to be done around here.  I do feel like we rounded a corner on Saturday though and suddenly, it’s really feeling like a home.  Like I finally exhaled and relaxed.

For this move, I am using mostly things that we already own, refreshing them a little bit when needed…and the easiest way to do that is with some paint.  It’s inexpensive, and relatively easy to use.  Especially, spray paint.  And, luckily this project just needed some spray paint for a fun new look!

These  chair swings are from our old house.  Over the years, they rusted, so we took them down before listing.

I knew it was one of the first projects I wanted to complete at the new house.   So, when I found myself with a clear day, I grabbed all the pieces, assembled them….

brushed them lightly with a wire brush and some sand paper

and started painting.  Have I mentioned that we have alot of sod to lay down around here?  It’s the worst time to do so in Texas (because of the heat), so we have to wait for it to cool off before we can do this.I am not going to lie, It’s very tempting to try now though.

They were a great taupe color before, but I painted them a light grey to keep it in line with the color theme we have going on in the backyard.  

I think they turned out great!

The top of the stand is about 8 feet tall, and I used 4 cans of this spray paint for this project.  :). You can find a similar stand here and the exact chair swings here if you are interested in a similar look for yourself. Or maybe you have something that you can spray paint in your home for a fresh new look. It’s a great project for these extra days at home. ❤️

See you back here on Wednesday, friends, for what I’ve been finding on Amazon lately! XOXO Narci

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  1. You go girl with your refurbishing! The chair swings look beautiful. Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on. Glad you’re relaxing into your new home. Have a great day…please stay safe – been hearing the COVID news about surge in cases in Texas. I’m in California and we’re not doing too great either.


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