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Hey, hey!! Happy Wednesday, from my crew to yours.  4th of July weekend is almost here, and we are celebrating at home this year…..Our new pool should be ready for swimming  by then and we now live in an area where we are allowed to shoot off fireworks…I am thinking this year will be lots of fun, in it’s own way!

Today, I am sharing about my favorite Amazon finds from the last  few weeks!  Let’s get started. 🙂

First off, I just have to share about this eyebrow shaper.  I think I have shared before that my eyebrows can quickly move to crazy long and bushy, so it’s hard to keep them in check during this covid season! I decided to try this out, and I LOVED it and results I got so much!

My kids received a snow cone machine as a Christmas present a few years ago, and it was time to replenish our snow cone syrup stash.   I loved this kit, because it came with cups and straws.  Perfect!

I picked up this cute jute rug for our mudroom, and I got a great deal on it–it was under $25!

I picked up this chalk paint to repaint our patio table.  I have used this brand a few times prior, and it always applies nicely and looks fantastic.

I shared these pink earrings a few weeks ago, but I am wearing them so often that I wanted to share them with you again.  :). They are the perfect pop for all your summer outfits.

See you back here on Friday for my favorite Strawberry Pie recipe.  It’s perfect for all your 4th of July celebrations!

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  1. Happy holiday weekend to you! Fireworks are illegal in my area but that doesn’t stop the neighbors from blasting a few every.single.night. Gratefully my dog doesn’t react.

    Quick pet safety question… are your dog and cat microchipped? If so, please remember to update their data since you moved.


  2. I love that rug, but curious if it ‘sheds’? I ordered a jute rug a while back but it would shed under it so badly that I had to constantly lift it to vacuum under it. It was so annoying that I ended up tossing it eventually. Love the look, but hesitate for this reason.


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