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Hey, hey y’all!!  Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope you are doing well.  :). These past few weeks have been a little bit of this and little bit of that! 

This week has been soccer signing day.  It was all digital this year ….and is going to look super different come play time, but this small promise of return to soccer has been good for Luke’s heart.  

These days are time with my best girl

and our front porch is coming along.  We are slowly but surely pulling things together.  I would love to add some kind of paint or texture to the porches….I am looking at some CUTE options for projects. 🙂

This candle is burning in my kitchen, and it smells divine!  

My friends the cows on my walk. 😉

They just watch me when I walk by everyday, so I stopped and introduced myself a few days ago. It was starting to feel a little awkward.  haha.

Life has been man’s best friend with Rob in the kitchen.   He is definitely her favorite.  :).   I found this cute rug in Hobby Lobby, and you can find my hand towels ….that are a similar style, here

It’s also been fireworks in the backyard for a fun 4th of July.

and the best Strawberry pie of your life.  Trust me: you need this in your world.

Festive memories…

and seeing our little girl making new fun memories!

And, finally, church online in the living room.  What a blessing to be able to worship in this way during these uncertain times. 

On Friday, I am sharing a Day in the Life.  Can’t wait to see you then! XOXO Narci

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  1. You have inspired me to begin the process of getting off the hamster wheel- I am beginning to realize how stressful it is to try to “keep up” with everyone around me when I would be happier in a simpler set up, and my children would be as well. What a gift you have given your children! Your new home is so beautiful- and you look just full of joy!


  2. Narci- can you please do a post about what you’re doing to stay active and fit. I think you’re in such great shape yams would love to know more about how often you workout a week usually, for how long and what you do.


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