What’s Going On

Happy Monday, friends!  I don’t know about you, but we had a very sweet weekend! Today, I am just catching you up on what’s been going on over here!  

I saw this over on social media and just loved it.  These days are so crazy, so it’s good for my heart to remember things like this!

These days are pretty country sunsets….

And dessert for dinner, because it’s summer.  And why not?

Also on the schedule?  Front porch fun. This is my favorite place to sit in the evenings.

We have two weeks until school starts for the kids, so we are making the best of these summer days.  That involves lots of pool time and lazy mornings!

Speaking of our new house, A few of you have asked to see the master bedroom!  I am looking for a few LARGE art pieces to go over our bed.  Everything is still very much a work in progress over here!

These days are visits to a creek near our house…

and walks down my favorite country road.Dixie and Daisy are getting lots of love during these quarantine times too.

On Wednesday, I am sharing one of my favorite Brownie recipes with you! Looking forward to it! Hope you have a great day, my friends. XOXO N

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8 replies

  1. Hi… I missed you last week (I don’t have Instagram so I can’t follow your day in Life adventures). Will your kids be doing on campus or distance learning? Will they continue at MCA or public school?


    • Hi, Laurie! I missed you too! ❤️

      For now, they are staying at mca. 💕 too much change for them recently. ❤️

      Mca is doing in person learning with an online option if desired. I think maybe because they are so much smaller? 💓

      Such a tough decision for so many families and teachers and administrators. ❤️


    • Thank you! I feel like I’ve seen so many different plans by the schools in the area. Such a tough season to navigate for families and teachers and administrators. ❤️


  2. Where is that cute restaurant? We are new to Sherman and always looking to find new places. JoJo’s pie shop is on our list but we haven’t made it there yet!


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