Cleaning Hack: Glass Top Stoves

Hey, hey y’all!  Happy Friday!  This week, I am just trying to keep up.  Do you ever have weeks like that?  Goodness, I am not doing a fantastic job at doing so, but that’s just life sometimes!

Today, I am sharing a new cleaning hack that I was in sore need of…When we moved to this house, we traded our gas stovetop for an electric glasstop one.

I don’t notice a big difference in the actual cooking heat or times, but keeping it clean is a different story!  My gas stove was super easy to clean, but I have been struggling with this one.  We must be really good friends if I can share this picture with you… 😉

Oh, hi there stovetop, after one of the kids made mac and cheese (and the pot boiled over. haha!) I tried all my favorite cleaning products on this, but nothing seemed to work to get that stain out.

So, I went over to Pinterest, and I found a cleaning hack to try.  I figured that a lot of you girls would like a great cleaning hack also, so here we go!

My favorite part of this is that the cleaning products are all items that you are likely to already have around your house. First, I poured some Dawn soap on the stovetop . Then, I sprinkled that with Baking Soda.

After that, I poured 2 tbsp of hydrogen peroxide over the mixture….

and scrubbed with a kitchen sponge.  I started with the softer side and then used the rougher side on the harder to tackle spots.

And, TA-DA!  A shiny stovetop again.  And, y’all know I appreciate a good shine (hello, hardwood floors), so this was right up my alley.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I will see you here on Monday with my latest Amazon haul.   Also, I am excited to be able to share a really special event for you to join! Should be fun…see you then!

XOXO Narci

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  1. Oh Sweet lady- have you been watching over my shoulder? I also left my beloved gas stove in June for a glass cooktop and have fought everyday since. I notice a slight difference in heating up and staying hot. My biggest is the cleaning so I can’t wait to try this hack! My thing that I have to get used to the most is old stove was front back back front for the knobs. This is back front front back. I keep turning on the wrong burner! Just slightly dangerous! Have a great weekend!


  2. I have a glass induction cooktop. I use a spray bottle filled about 2/3 with regular alcohol , 3 drops of Dawn dish soap and hot water. Shake it really well and spray on the cook top. Usually that will get it with just a wipe of a microfiber cloth. If I need to scrub, I use these little scrubby pads I read about on Andrea’s blog. Clean as a whistle!
    I also use that alcohol mixture to clean my granite counter tops and stainless appliances. It not only cleans but sanitizes too.

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  3. I wish I knew about this back when I had a glass top stove over 10 years ago. I tried so many products and Even my hubby couldn’t get those stains off. This mixture is great on other housekeeping. A fellow Texan has a blog, Chemistry Cachet, with lots of DIY formulas. Please check her out. Enjoy your weekend,


  4. We just purchased a glass top stove for a remodel. The man helping us at the appliance store mentioned that really burnt on things can be removed with a flat razor blade (like you’d use for scraping paint). When moving my daughter out of her college apartment a couple of weeks ago, I tried it on their stove (it was awful!) when all other methods, including a cleaner made for glass top stoves, didn’t work. It was so easy! I laid a wet dishcloth on it for just a minute and then used the razor blade, and the baked on gunk came right off. Of course, you have to be careful not to push too hard and to keep it very flat so the corner doesn’t scratch the surface, but I didn’t feel like I had to worry much about that with the little device it came in. I’ll definitely use your method from the get go once my new stove gets installed! Thanks!


  5. Ah! Now that my girls are cooking on their own, that has been a daily struggle for me. I can’t ever seem to get all of the gunk off. Thanks for the tip!


  6. If you’re In a rush sometime, there is also a really great product called cerama bryte that is safe for all cooktops! It works very well. We also have an induction glass cooktop and use it constantly, along with the little scrub pads it comes with! (Available on Amazon, of course 🙂


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