House Update: Above-Ground Pool

Hey, friends!  Happy Friday! Starting this week, I am going to be showing you parts of our NEW house and breaking down how it’s shaping up   I think this will be super fun and an easy way to give you an in-depth look at our new country life :).

I think the part of our house that I’ve gotten the most questions about is the above ground pool!

It’s not fancy, but we are loving it.  LOVING IT.

The sun sets just to the west of the pool so the best view of the sunset is actually IN the pool  🙂 

However, I totally have been known to pop in there in the middle of the day too!  The kids love it, their friends enjoy it…it’s been a blessing for our crew for sure!   Some of the main questions that I’ve had:

  1.  What brand is your pool and what size?  Ours is an Intex pool that is 24 ft wide and 4 ft deep!  This has been a great size for us!  I have been surprised by how well the pool has held up too.  We had a big storm come through last week (that took out our trampoline), but the pool didn’t budge.
  2. Where did you find it??  They are sold out everywhere! Well, if you’ve looked for a above-ground pool lately, then you KNOW how hard they are to come by!   The brands that we might have preferred were out of stock, so we went with the Intex (because basically that’s all we could find.) and it’s been great for us!  I bought it on ebay(and for a good price), and at that time they were the only place that had them in stock.
  3. Will you put in an above-ground pool eventually?  Yes, we hope to in a few years.  We are really enjoying our outdoor space and hope to build it up over the next  2-5 years.  It’s a process, but we are excited about making it our own.
  4. Does it have a filtration system?  Do you need pool chemicals?  Yes, the pool came with a sand filtration system, and we treat it just like an in-ground pool with the same chemicals and such. Rob has perfected the process and is a pro at keeping it looking fabulous and clear. I am really thankful that he’s done such a great job at this!
  5. Is it deep enough? Good question! No one is jumping off a diving board over here, but the kids can still have fun, play, and float around. It’s been a fun distraction for sure.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I am happy to answer them all here for you. Have a great weekend, my friends. If you need me, I will be on the soccer fields!

XOXO Narci


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  1. Thank you!!! Really appreciate you sharing this! We have a smaller one but it’s tiny for our big kids. Looks like this would be a good size to upgrade to. Thanks again:)


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