Country Life Q & A

Hey, hey friends!! Happy Wednesday, from my house to yours! Over the weekend, I opened up questions about Country life, and you guys had some excellent questions. I will be answering these here today. 🙂

Question: How are the baby chicks doing?

Answer: Ah, great question! They are growing so fast and doing well. I think I can start transitioning them to outside next week. For the most part, they are easy pets…just lots of cleaning of the coop but other than that, easy peasy!

Question: Are you tired of the drive yet?

Answer: Real talk. Once in a very blue moon, I drive a lot in one big chunk and wonder what we were thinking, and then I get home and am treated to a sunrise like this and remember exactly what we were thinking. 😉 For us, the trade-off is worth it plus some, but not everyone is going to feel this way I am sure. So, not yet!

Question: What about utilities (water, septic, internet)

Answer: I am going to be honest, and I had to have Rob explain the water to me. So, my best translation (but please forgive me if I explain this incorrectly) is that we get our water from an independent company and not from the city because they don’t service our area. This company sources the water from wells, processes it, and pumps it to our area. Our trash pickup is from an independent company as well. Our septic is buried underground and hasn’t given us one lick of trouble since we’ve been here. The internet though…that was a rude awakening. haha! We are approximately 1 block away from the kind of internet that us city folks take for granted. I am guessing they will eventually provide service to our street, but for now, we use satellite internet for work and hotspots on our mobile plan for pretty much everything else. Sound painful? It was to begin with. We got used to it though. 😉

Question: Do you miss your community?

Answer: We are pretty intentional about having our community out to the new house. (I tell my kids that you have to be a friend to have friends) This means constant playdates, sleepovers, small groups, and just country fun which we are happy to provide. Everyone has been so super supportive of this move for us and has hopped right on the country train with us (maybe they are annoyed about the drive secretly, but no-one has voiced that quite yet! haha!)…I think some were nervous that we were leaving McKinney and them behind, but it really just caused us to dig in and be even more intentional. We love to host people, and we are just a social group. I think that helps, maybe? 🙂

Question: What about the wildlife?

Answer: It’s crazy, because I have only seen one coyote the whole time we have been snakes, but the spiders….oh my word. It’s caused me to have tough skin, because they grow so big out here. Also, Dixie discovered a rat’s nest on the back porch one night last month. We do spray indoors and outdoors for bugs though and it’s kept most of them at bay.

Question: Will they build more houses around you?

Answer: The big picture–we live on a street that is surrounded by cattle ranches, so maybe someday if they sell the ranches to developers? Our street has lots that are between 1-15 acres and should have less than 10 houses when it’s all built out. I’d say that they are about 75% done building the street out and should be totally finished within a year or two. 🙂 I don’t mind the idea of development around us though. When you downsize and let go of your pride, you learn to hold pretty loosely to your idea of the way things should go, housing wise. haha!

Okay, lots of great questions, friends! Thank you for asking them! I will see you on Friday for our Fall Home tour! XOXO Narci

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  1. Sounds like where we live– though we have well water so if anything goes wrong we’re pretty much on our to fix it. We have our septic pumped once a year and we pay to have a dumpster (that we share with neighbors) emptied once a week. Our wi-fi and even our power can be spotty at times but it has gotten so much better through the years.


  2. I’m a city girl who moved to the country when we got married 25 years ago. It definitely took some getting used to, but have grown to love it. We do WiFi the way y’all do-satellite and hotspots on our phones. That’s probably my biggest complaint about our country life 😊


    • Hey friends. Your support this morning brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for seeing my heart through the lines of this blog. That is a gift and sweet encouragement for myself and is not taken for granted. I appreciate you so very much.

      Allison, because your comment included another blogger’s name, I cleared it because it’s important for me to guard my words (and the ones that are on my blog) so that there is zero opportunity for new conflict in tender situations. I think that’s the best way I can show His Love in this, so I hope that you understand my heart here as well. I love you guys, and thank you for giving me the room to handle hard stuff with a light and gracious touch. Much love, Narci


  3. I third that comment from Allison. Your outdoors are worth more than a trip to Trader Joe’s. I love your philosophy and appreciation of God’s great outdoors. Intention and purposeful living are ideals I need to adopt. Can’t wait to see how you decorate for the holidays.


  4. I completely agree with Allison! You have such a pure heart, Narci, and I love your authenticity. I love that you’re not about the superficial things that so many other bloggers are. You’re blog is such an encouragement and such a breath of fresh air and is my favorite blog to read.


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