What’s been on my heart

Do you know what I have been doing a lot of lately?

I’ve been listening.

I’ve been listening to what other people say, what the news says, what my social media says, and at one point things became noisy.  Like overwhelmingly noisy.

So much so that:

I was allowing the harsh words of others damage my joy and self-perception.

I was letting myself get frustrated and distracted by my social media and news feeds.

And, here’s the thing: when you have too many voices competing for your attention, this one easily gets lost in the fight.

So, today, I want to pass this along from me to you.

You are beautiful (God rejoices over the creation of you.)

You are unique (God knew the world needed YOU here today. In 2020. That’s powerful)

You are Chosen and Set Apart (While the world may not choose you, He does.  Every single time)

You are Loved (His Love for you never fails)

Just in case you need to hear this voice today.

I love you all.  XOXO Narci



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10 replies

  1. Great advice. I know many who need this. Our world is getting too ugly and divided in the mainstream as well as friend groups. Praying for peace.


  2. What a great message. I saw this on your Instagram page (I think) and I loved it then. With your additional thoughts, I love it even more. Thank you for sharing and for being you – a bright, shining light for the Lord. Have a great week, Narci!!


  3. Thank you for feeding and nourishing a parched soul and mind. And reminding that WE ARE LOVED, SO VERY VERY MUCH. God bless…


  4. Love this ❤️ sometimes we just need to shut everything off and be quiet and hear what God is saying, instead of all the other voices.


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