Friday Fun!

Hey, Hey!  Happy Friday, friends!  Today, I am sharing a few of the cute items that I have gotten at Target lately.  Do you love a good Target find?  I know I do!

Sign me up for on-trend items that are comfy and cozy! Plus, all of the sweaters at Target are buy one, get one 50% off right now.  🙂

This sweater was perfect for our little cold snap this week. The mock neck is right on trend and it has the cutest slits on the sides.

You could totally pair this sweater with leggings if you wanted to! 🙂

And speaking of cute pink sweaters, I love this one so much!

I am not going to lie, I was drawn to the hot pink of this pretty sweater a few times before I picked it up in the store!

I paired it with a leather jacket for our lunch date and it was the perfect amount of fun and cozy!  I also have also loved this cozy flannel top, this printed top and this blouse for church.  Also, if you need an inexpensive option for bottoms, try these cozy corduroys as a great alternative to jeans. 🙂

Hope you have an incredible Halloween weekend, my friends! All 3 of my kids made plans with their friends for Halloween, so Rob and I are having dinner and then going through all the Christmas decor to see what will fit in the new house.

I am going to warn you that we are decorating super early this year so don’t be surpised by twinkle lights in November.  The kids asked for it, and well…who am I to deny a little Christmas cheer in such a weird year.  🙂

Happy Friday, and I will see you back here on Monday! XOXO Narci

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7 replies

  1. I’ve had my eye on that first sweater you have on! I may treat myself to it today. I thought it would work well with leggings too.


  2. That pink sweater top is winner! winner! Chicken! Dinner!
    The color looks fabulous on you.
    I am also tending to pick up the v neck tops lately.


  3. I just saw your insta-stories and your home Christmas decorations. They are the best of the best. It is so festive, coordinated. I love it. It is so cozy but bright. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


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