Monday Thoughts and Santa Fun

Happy Monday from my little piece of the country!  I hope you guys had a great weekend!

We are a little over mid-way through our quarantine, and I am so thankful to share that Rob is feeling so much better.  His symptoms were mild to begin with and today he’s feeling really well.  For those of you that prayed, THANK YOU! We know that many people’s experiences with this virus are much more serious (and some people that we know and love) so we are counting our blessings today and praying this continues.

Ah, quarantine: you make me do weird things like set up our old Christmas tree (that doesn’t fit inside our house) in the front yard.  I did such an excellent job of staking it down that the storm the next day broke it in half.  haha! Oh my word.  

I am doing my best to keep the Christmas magic alive while we are staying home. Lots of cozy Christmas lights and our first fire, Christmas puzzles, and all the Christmas movies.

And, exciting news! I am all caught up on my photography so I am taking on a fun project for my followers and clients alike! Socially distanced Santa pictures! 

Aren’t they so cute?  The cost is 2 images for $20 or 3 for $30 (backgrounds above, your choice!) and I will put together some precious Santa photos for you and email them over!

To purchase, you can email me at with the image you would like to use attached to the email!  I will invoice you via paypal, and send over the files! Easy peasy! Isn’t that so fun?  Socially distanced Santa photos for the win today!  Thank you, and Amen!

Happy Monday, my friends! XOXO Narci

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