A Few Christmas Traditions!

Happy Friday, from my family to yours!! Today, I am sharing a few fun traditions that our crew does and that you might want to incorporate into your own Christmas fun!  The best part of both these is that they are great for these times when you need to social distance. 🙂


This little tradition is always fun, and it is excellent for a cold night at home.

To make it easy, I included all the details on the image above. That way you can screenshot it and check it later! As my kids get older, we just keep making those candy canes harder to find! haha! One of my awesome readers does this outside with her whole neighborhood participating! How fun!


If you ask my kids what their favorite tradition is, they normally will answer this one.  Every year, we deliver Cinnamon Rolls to our friends on Christmas Eve, and this is one of our favorite things to do all year long.  We make them from scratch, bake them, and package them up before we deliver.   If you need a great Cinnamon Roll Recipe, I love this one!

We wear our Christmas pajamas and listen to our favorite Christmas songs, and have the best time. We’ve been doing it since they were little, and even our big teenager still plays along (Thank you, Jackson!) I definitely recommend it if you need a fun way to love on your people this year.

What’s coming up? On Monday, I am sharing a few glimpses at our Christmas decor.  And on Wednesday, I will share a few of our family pictures with a short Christmas message from me to you! I will see you back here then, and I hope you have a great weekend! Much love, XOXO Narci

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  1. Such great Christmas traditions and family fun. I can’t wait to see your Christmas pictures. I showed some of my friends the pictures you made for me and they were so impressed. One dog lover kept raving and raving about them. Thanks so much.


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