Merry Christmas from the Dreffs

Merry Christmas, my friends!  From our family to yours.

This year brought so much change for us, but during all the shifting, God showed us His provision for our needs, His deep love for our family, and the most tender loving care for every detail in our little world. This year, God said “Give me the reins.” and well, here we are. 🙂

2020:  I think we all have a few words about this year, am I right? For me, this was the year that God taught me how to be brave and trust in Him even when it was HARD, SCARY, and LONELY. And, when I laid all of this solidly at His feet, He made something new. Something stronger….a girl who was more willing to listen instead of speak, one who is working to value gentleness and joy above all things. A girl who works to speak love and believe the best. This girl, she’s not even close to being perfect or having mastered all that, but here’s where I am starting in 2021. I hope you continue to follow along for the ride. 🙂 I have some EXCITING things planned for next year, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

So as we inch closer to Christmas,  I rejoice with you over a baby that really did change everything.

This week, we celebrate a man, who came as a baby, died a criminal’s death, and in the process opened up a relationship for us with God.  It’s crazy and unbelievable and also rooted in an unending and unchangeable love for you and for me.  May we all feel the tender pull of the Savior this Christmas season.  The thrill of our only sure Hope.  Our weary world aches for Him and rejoices at His Name.

See you in January, and Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours. All my love, Narci

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  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family Narci! What a year, and What a Savior we have. You’ve been an inspiration to me – love your words in this post – lay it SOLIDLY at the feet of Jesus. Too often I say “Jesus take the wheel, but turn right at the corner”. God bless you all.


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