Welcome Back!

Hey, hey! Happy Friday and welcome back, my friends! My kids head back to school on Monday, so this weekend we are wrapping up our Christmas break.  We actually went into quarantine on 12/9 so we will have been home for over a month, and we will be spending this last weekend without many plans which is nice! 

Just like many of you, this Christmas was different for us but we made the best of it. 

And, now we push forward to 2021!

Before we get back to our normal posts here, I thought I might share what’s on the horizon for each of us going into the new year.

Rob received a new, 1-year contract for work, and we are so very thankful. God has had this situation under control from the very beginning, and it’s been very cool and also super humbling to see it all play out.

I continue to work on my photography and as a part-time stylist for Stitch Fix. I am taking a few classes through Dallas Theological Seminary this Spring too! So, that’s fun!  I am praying about where God is leading me next…I have a few things on my heart, but we will see!

Jackson will finish his senior year in May and will head to college (TBD!) in the Fall. This seems so surreal to me, but I am so excited for him to get to experience college. 🙂 He is going to do great as he flies from the nest!

Luke is adjusting to middle school like a boss and will continue his soccer season with FC Dallas (his first love.) He moved to a new position this year (forward) and has hopes to play football in the Fall for his school too, so we will see!

Presley is beginning her new season with her new volleyball team, and she is loving playing a new position as well: Libero.  She will start middle school in the Fall and would like to cheer for the football team there.  ðŸ™‚

So, lots of exciting things ahead for our crew.  Can’t wait to dig in with you all this week! Have a great weekend, and see you here on Monday! XO Narci

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  1. Lots of exciting changes! We were supposed to head back to school Monday but so far our district has been virtual this week and they make the determination today of what we’re going to be doing next week.


  2. So good to stop by and see you and your lovely family, pics are just gorgeous. Sounds like everyone has a plan and is working their plan very well. Joy and happiness for the new year!


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