Amazon Lately

Happy Monday, my friends! Today, I am sharing what I have been buying on Amazon lately. Grab your coffee, and let’s get started!

Teen Devotionals

My crew needed fresh devotionals, so we just updated to these! I love them because they are quick and easy and keep them in the word on a regular basis.  Good stuff!

for girls

for boys

A prayer journal

Also, I picked up this prayer journal, and I really think the layout of this is an excellent start if you are looking to start journaling!  (and, I can’t recommend this process enough if you are considering it) It’s guided and very easy to keep up with, and asks all kinds of great questions to get you thinking! I think you will love it if you have been wanting to start journaling or just need a fresh approach.

Cozy Clothing

So the team colors for Presley’s volleyball team are yellow and blue, and one of the sweet mamas found this top on Amazon for the mom’s to wear on gameday. Isn’t that fun?  So, I picked up this sweatshirt for volleyball game days, and I love it!

It’s VERY lightweight, and I think it will be so good for Spring especially!

And, finally I have a great shirt for the guys in your life! All 3 of my guys have this shirt in various colors, and I am a big fan of the extensive color options and the great texturing as well! 

I don’t know about you, but I am not getting my guys into a store very often at all these days.  So, I am super thankful to have easy online options for them instead.

If you need me tonight, I will be running our crew to sports and such!  See you back here on Wednesday for more fun. XOXO Narci


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