Thursday Thoughts!

Hey, y’all!  Happy Thursday from my house to yours! This week has been a busy one! Just a little bit of this and that.  Work, family stuff, and I am working on getting things organized around our house and before we head into the Spring and Summer. For us, this means closets and drawers/cabinets.  Right now, I am working on Presley’s room!

From what I can tell, the sunrise and sunset is the most dramatic out here for the first 6-8 months of the year.   It’s been really cool to see it change throughout the year. 🙂

We are doing this over on IG, and I would love for you to join me if you like! 🙂

I am celebrating the month of Love over here with this sweatshirt too!  Isn’t it so cute??  I bought it at this boutique and love it so much.. 

and speaking of things I picked up, it was time for a new bag.  I think the last one I bought was over two years ago. It is a crossbody that I still use and love, but I was needing an updated bag that had more room for a busy mom.  I wanted to be able to fit my Bible and journal or a book to read during off times at practices and such.

Not only is this one pretty, but I love the open top with the magnetic closure. It keeps things from falling out, but I can easily access whatever I need to!  The quality for the price is very good.  The price made me a little nervous for a Target purchase (it’s $40), but it’s holding up perfectly and I am loving the style.

While I was there I grabbed this wallet (I lost mine at least 6 months ago! haha!) It’s so nice to have everything all organized, and this is under $15!

and, finally, I grabbed this cute little bag to put my powder and lip gloss in! I am a fan of not having them loose in my purse anymore!

Want to know what I am listening to?  I am checking this out while I work and clean!

I will give my thoughts on it once I finish it!

And I am listening to this on repeat.  It gives me chills every single time! You need this song in your life!

So, that’s what been going on since I saw you last! I have missed you. See you back here tomorrow for some more fun!

XOXO Narci

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5 replies

  1. Love that book by Sissy Goff! My daughter struggles with anxiety and it has helped her so much! There is a workbook for girls that accompanies it. I also saw where she now has a teen version.


  2. Hey Narci, great to see your blog back. Beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures.
    Sissy Goff also released another book this week.
    Have a great day ☺️


  3. I LOVE your make up bag. I’d throw my wallet in and use it for quick trips to the grocery store. So pretty. I love the colors and what a great find! I’m going to look for it here.


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