What I have been eating!

Happy Friday, y’all!  I couldn’t be more excited about the weekend. We don’t have anything special planned, but I am still just ready for a little break! 🙂

So, about a month ago, I noticed that I was feeling abnormally TIRED during my day. I felt worse when I didn’t have a great breakfast and after lunch especially.  

I asked some of you on IG about what I should be eating to help this, and, oh my goodness, you guys had the best wisdom on this!

You guys encouraged me to eat more protein and make sure I am getting plenty of healthy fats plus lots of fruits and greens and vitamins.  I wasn’t eating badly, necessarily, but I was NOT doing a good job of fueling myself for my day.


I don’t love eggs or breakfast meats, so my options are pretty limited here! haha! I discovered peanut butter on an apple or peanut butter and honey with a sliced banana on a wheat tortilla! Oatmeal makes my stomach hurt, but I wish it didn’t because I love me some oatmeal!


There are so many great and EASY protein lunch options, and they have been such a huge help when I’m working. I especially love this brand.  It’s good for you and just plain delicious. ❤️❤️

The Fried Rice option from this brand is fantastic also. I am just adding leftover chicken, steak, or chicken sausage from our dinner the night before, and I feel SO MUCH BETTER and full until dinner. 🙂

I’ve always loved a good salad, but I realized I probably wasn’t adding enough healthy proteins and fats to these. So, adding things like chicken and avocado has made a huge difference.

A few snacks:

Honestly, I haven’t needed to snack very much since I am eating better at meals, but have you tried these Triscuits before?  I am not a pepper person really, but these are delicious with a salad or some cheese as a snack!

I also love these Naked Blue machine drinks as an afternoon pick me up!  They are full of B-vitamins and delicious!

Making these changes in the way I am eating has given me so much more energy during the day and been such a blessing.  I am just wondering why it took me so long to get here.  haha!

If you have some great and healthy meal tips, make sure to leave them in the comments. See you on Monday, friends!

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  1. Look at Kodiak Pancake Mix….and maybe eat with peanut butter? I make them with milk and egg for extra protein. Lunch idea…don’t over look canned chicken. I know…sounds unpleasant, but they make really good quality ones! Mix with buffalo sauce and top your salad! I mix it with Thai Peanut sauce as well and top my salad. Lots of things you can do with it quickly!


  2. Try oat bran cereal (prepared like oatmeal but may be friendlier on your stomach). I add flaxseed to my oat bran for protein and fibre. Also try almond butter on apple or toast.


  3. Do you have a favorite brand of chicken to put on your salads? Also, do you mainly shop at Trader Joe’s or are you more of a fan of Walmart/local grocery stores?


  4. The Dill and Sea Salt Triscuits are also very good. I keep those in my office with some cheese for a quick meal or snack when my day gets busy. They are also awesome with pimento cheese : )

    Try the frozen Kodiak power waffles; I get mine at Walmart. My favorite is the buttermilk and vanilla flavor. Just pop them in the toaster and top with peanut butter or a little bit of butter. Yummy!

    I don’t know if you shop at Aldi or not, but I love their Grilled Chicken Breast strips. They are great in a salad or just tossed with a sauce (Kroger Ranch Buffalo Wing Sauce is my favorite with these) and eaten with some veggies.


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