Three Things

Hey y’all! Happy Wednesday!  Today, I am sharing three things from our week. I am so happy that I can share these things with you all today.  So grab your coffee, and let’s chat!


Ah, the Super Bowl!  I do love me some football, but for this particular sporting event I am all about the food.

Presley and I were looking for something fun and festive for the big day, and this is where we landed! We worked together to make a Superbowl Snack Stadium based on some Pinterest scrolling we had been doing. The ones we found on Pinterest were so complicated, so we came up with our own design that was much simpler and, you know, didn’t require woodworking to make.  haha. We served with this corn dip, this buffalo dip, and this salsa.  It was all great, but this particular buffalo dip is layered instead of mixed together and is the best I have had.


Ah, these are the days of me living in the car.  All of our activities worked out brilliantly to be on the same two nights of the week in 2021.  It makes for two crazy afternoons and evenings, but the nights off make it totally worth it!


Oh my stars, watching Presley play in her first full Volleyball club season has been so sweet. She is growing up and learning new things and maturing so much, both as a young lady and a volleyball player. She’s playing up a grade (her decision.  I tried to talk her out of it! haha!) and tends to be on the tiny side so she’s the shortest of this crew, but she makes up for it in her drive and athleticism and spunk. Also, her teammates are honestly the cutest group of girls ever.  It’s made for some fun weekends for sure!

Have a great week, my friends! I will see you back here on Friday! XOXO Narci

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