What’s Up Wednesday! :)

Hey, hey! Happy Wednesday from my crew to yours! Today, we are working on online school while I try my best to stay focused on work. It’s been a weird week of pulling up our boot straps and moving forward from last week, but it’s been really cool to see our communities take care of each other.  I am sharing a few photos from last week so I can remember this.

Our little country home was looking super pretty in the snow.  That’s alot of white in one picture! haha!

I am not going to lie.  We were super cold with no heater, so going outside for long periods did not seem like a ton of fun to us. But we made sure to get out a few times daily to make snowmen and throw snowballs and sled.    Even though the weather caused so many issues, we probably won’t get a snow like this in a good long time.

I am happy to report that all three chickens had a nice cozy spot in the garage and fared quite well during the cold snap

We made a country version of a snowman called “Snow Crow”

And, the sunset on our road was just beautiful!  

Sledding was fun!! We were using laundry baskets, but we may have to invest in sleds for the next time we get some snow!
And this is where we spent most of our time. By the fire.  I am thankful that we had a great stock of firewood to keep us warm.

That’s all of our snow gear drying by the fireplace since we couldn’t get them dry otherwise.

I don’t think I have talked about this before, but Rob hardly ever throws anything out that is still functional and working. For example, he has a hair dryer that is older than our marriage, and, then, there is this camping stove that is older than he is.

Sometimes it’s annoying but I swear he is always pulling something out that would be super helpful when times get tough.  I can’t tell you how many times my fancy hair dryer has died and I’ve borrowed that old classic hair dryer in a pinch, and here we are using this camping stove to cook breakfast for everyone since we didn’t have electricity for our stove or oven.  haha! 

In the end, I bet my kids will have some sweet memories of being cold by that fire and the many creative meals we made on that cooktop.  I will see you back here on Friday with some of my very favorite things from the past few weeks and an Easter devotional! Can’t wait to share it all! XOXO Narci

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  1. I am sure! I still remember when I was younger than 6 or 7 and our whole town lost power for quite some time due to a huge hurricane passing through. I have very specific memories of the foods we ate and watching this giant tree in our neighborhood falling.


  2. So thankful you and the family faired out I hope your electric bill don’t sky rocket We are from Pa and heard about that on the news


  3. Beautiful pictures! Sounds like last week was quite an adventure. We have a camp stove like that stored in our garage! It’s part of our emergency gear. It also came in handy while we remodeled the kitchen 11 years ago – during the summer though. Enjoy your day


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