Denim Talk

Hey, friends! I hope you are doing amazing today! I am typing this on Tuesday afternoon and for the first time in a while I am working during a really sunny and beautiful day! It is amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do after some rainy and snowy few weeks!

So, I am sure you’ve heard that Gen Z is buzzing about the older generation and their love for skinny jeans.  From what I hear, our skinny jeans are on their way out in favor of a baggier, loose-fitting jean?  I mean, who knew? Certainly not this girl! I actually fall right on the line of Gen X and Millenials but who knew this was such a hot and passionate topic among our youth. ha!

I was intrigued about branching out to different denim silhouettes, but I knew I was going to need a little bit of a segueway into the baggier options or just straight mom jeans.  I just can’t on those yet. Maybe someday! haha!

So, I hopped on amazon and ordered a pair of straight jeans and a pair of flares.  I am so surpised, but I actually love them both! And they were each less than $37 which is a deal for a good pair of jeans so let’s get started!

When I was choosing washes, I had Spring in mind! I wanted minimal distressing since I would be wearing them to church potentially and honestly I am FINE with looking like a 41 year old who is just trying to stay somewhat relevant (in her denim chooices at least) when she teaches in the youth group! The street cred is nice, but I don’t want to look like one of the kids! haha!

So, these straight leg options WERE so comfortable.  The tag says “mold and hold”, and I don’t know if I have ever agreed with a tag on a piece of clothing more in my life. I fully appreciate denim that wants to mold and hold my rear end.  Amen. The relaxed fit through the legs was a sweet change from the skinny jeans and honestly after I wore these I wondered if I could even go back to my skinnies! These straight leg jeans are a win for sure!

The other pair that I ordered are these flares, and I am a big fan! They are so cute and have a slimmer flare than some of the other options I have seen out there. Definitely more practical, right?!  The wash is beautiful and the distressing on the hem is perfect.  I am going to say that the pull on feature, while fabulous when on, was a little of a pickle trying to get on.  (as should be expected if your hips are larger than your waist line, I suppose. haha!) Other than that I love…I mean adore them! I paired these with a lightweight, long sleeve, hot pink blouse for church and did a little half tuck in the front with nude heels.  It was the perfect classic look! I think a blazer or a  military jacket would be the perfect layer to add to these jeans as well!

So, tell me what you think? Are you a fan of the loose-fitting jeans or are you stuck here in the middle with me just branching out?  Or are you staying firm with your skinny jeans?  I think I am going to do a little bit of all three and see how it goes!

Have a great rest of your day friends! XO Narci


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  1. I still have a pair of straight leg jeans from the gap that are probably 12 years old. They are mid rise and I’ll wear them until they fall off me in rags because they are the best fitting, most comfortable pair of 100% denim jeans. I love that they have no stretch.
    I have plenty of skinnies and like them fine. Especially when I run across a pair that is under 8 inches in rise.
    I made all my low rise flairs into shorts years ago. I don’t wear them out because, well, low rise. But they are also super comfortable because low rise! That’s my happy place. It needs to come back.
    Flairs again are a no. Probably. But I never say never because I said never about skinnies and, well…😂


  2. I love denim and can’t get enough of different styles. Thank you for sharing. I love the silhouettes. I, esp. like the no button, no zipper waistline.


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