Happy Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  I don’t know about you, but I am here for the weekend today! We have soccer and volleyball, a sweet women’s conference through our church, and some more sports next week.  Technically, it’s Spring Break over here, but someone forgot to tell our sports teams! haha!

The weather is slowly warming up and we are starting to get EXCITED about this. Bring on the sunshine and sunsets!  Yes ma’am!

Rob and I had our first date night in what felt like forever! We enjoyed a Mexican lunch and it was just good for our hearts! 

I think I mentioned here that Lifeway has been so very kind to ask me to partner with them the first part of this year, and it has been so sweet. (Seriously, I didn’t know what fun this would be. I adore this company!) Anyway, this is the Easter study that I will be doing, and I am super excited to do this study right with y’all.  You should definitely join me!

Meanwhile, this is me looking at March and wondering if it’s going to be like last March….

Does anyone else feel like they’ve been on the weirdest roller coaster ever for the last 12 months?  I am praying that the rest of 2021 is much less rocky for us all

And finally, our chickens are laying eggs and we couldn’t be more pumped. Look at this! It was my first time to taste fresh eggs, and they were fantastic.

Next week is Spring Break for my kids, and I am still working….but I am still going to try to pop in here if I can on M,W,F.  Here’s to a great weekend! See you next week!

XOXO Narci

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  1. Hi Narci! I don’t know if you’ve tried this yet, but peeling FRESH boiled eggs can be tricky! After years of trying different techniques, the one that works best for me is to leave the eggs on the counter to completely cool, uncracked, with no smelly vinegar. 🙂 Although your new routine might be to start boiling those eggs before you put your Thanksgiving turkey or Easter ham in the oven, you’ll have pretty deviled eggs when they’ve cooled completely and the shell falls right off. Enjoy your eggs!


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