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Hey, hey friends! Happy Wednesday. I have so much to catch you up on–So, just know it might take me a few weeks to get you back to speed on what’s going on around here!

Rob and I moved everything from one house to the next, and we are all settled in the new place. 🙂 Oh I mean, there are still quite a few things to hang and a few spaces that we need to figure out, but we aren’t in a rush. We were both surprised by how quickly this new space felt like home. The peace involved in this transition has just been so sweet. Rob is still under contract with his company (thank you, Lord).

In other news, it has been so unexpected and cool to see God place something on my heart during this time. I started subbing at the kids’ school this Spring and fell in love. I mean, LOVE, with teaching. So much so, I am strongly considering going back and getting my teaching degree or certification. Who knew? Such a tender and cool plot twist for my heart, but I am here for it.

Presley has been enjoying being part of her new cheer team. She had her first cheer camp last week, so it was fun for her to dig in and really put some time into something that she loves. She is a flyer which is new for her! It’s going to be such a sweet season for her! This girl is heading to middle school, and I think it’s going to be great!

In other news, Rob and Luke went to the youth camp through our church and had an absolute blast. It was Luke’s first time to go, and he absolutely loved all of the water activities and the X-games (this doesn’t suprise me… he’s loves any kind of competition), and he had an absolute blast. Right now, he’s working on club soccer tryouts and just enjoying his summer. 🙂 He turns 13 this weekend, and that doesn’t even seem possible.

And, finally, Jackson graduated high school! What a big month for this guy! We attended his graduation and celebrated him big. He just started working at Sonic for the summer, and then he heads off to LSU in August. I am just so proud of this kid. He’s a great guy, and I am pumped for his next steps! Oh, and he turns 18 next week. Just so many really fun and big things happening for this kiddo. I am just so incredibly thankful.

What a big few months it was over here. ❤️ I am looking forward to catching up more with you all, and I have some of my favorite things to share on Friday too. Hope you have a great day, my friends! See you soon. XOXO Narci

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  1. I went back to university at the age of 37, graduated and started teaching at the age of 40 – best decision ever! Go for it! I really LOVE my job and the (limited) freedom you have as a teacher!


  2. Narci, It’s so great to have you back. We understand what a busy spring and end of school year you had. So many big life happenings. So does the move indicate that you’ve moved from the country-back to the city perhaps? I’m sure whenever you are ready to chat about it… we would love your insight about the move. I know many of us consider leaving the city for the country, but there is a lot to it with school-age children active in sports teams and church activities. We often wonder if we could manage the frequent drive back into town for multiple weekly events. I realize it’s a very personal decision and many things play a part in a preference or convenience for country life or city life. I’m just curious if you have any thoughts-a year into it-that you might be willing to share.


    • Hey Paula. We did move back. ❤️ I’m just now having words and perspective about this process plus part of this story is not mine to tell since it includes all 5 of us. So please forgive the lack of details and know that there will always be pets of this that I will protect for that reason. I’m sure I’ll speak more of my heart as God leads me to share. The practical: there were times at the beginning of 2021, when we were driving 90 minutes one way to tournaments, 2-3 times per weekend (this was new for us as J didn’t do club sports) and it was affecting our kids. The spiritual: I’m just now being able to view it through the lens of what I think to be true: God called us out to the country. It was a time of healing for more than one of us. 💕And then, all of a sudden, it didn’t make sense anymore and he gave us a burdened heart and called us to pour into the community we love in McKinney and provided the most beautiful provision in a quick sale and somewhere to buy in McKinney that wasn’t inflated price-wise (just unheard of in this market). I don’t know. It was a decision that felt crazy and we were a little angry about it, and one we fought in our hearts for a long time because pride told us how some people would view it…but after the dust has settled we know we were meant to be right here. On another note: we know and love three different families who are moving from McKinney out to the country and we’ve encouraged their hearts and have been able to share some good advice too which has been sweet. We loved our time out there. ❤️😍


      • Such wisdom to sit on thoughts/feelings & situations. Sometimes they get shared now, later or never. But God knows. That is all that matters, because He is the peace & Joy!


      • Narci… you are so kind and gracious. You owe no one an explanation as to the choices Your family makes in life and where the Lord is calling you. The Lord’s plans are not our plans. He is able to shift mid-stream and cause our hearts to follow suit. Good for you guys making the right choices for your family. I’m just so curious about country life as we are debating “calling it” and moving quite a distance away. But yet, so much of our lives, school and church are centered in town… not to mention sports. For every thing there is a season. It sounds like the Lord allowed your wonderful move to the country to be a haven for you… a cocoon of sorts during the chaos of Covid. I know you will treasure your time out there and thanks for taking us along for your faith-filled journey. I know this next season of life will be rich and abundant for what the Lord puts on your heart to do. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I know all your readers appreciate your authenticity and vulnerability. Your passion for Jesus shines brightly in everything you do. I pray your re-entry into McKinney life goes smoothly for you, personally, and with your family.


  3. I worked for the government for 8 years before pursuing my teaching certificate. I’m so glad I followed God’s lead and took the leap. I’m a high school teacher now and LOVE my job! I’m so excited for the transitions your family has made & fully respect the decision to keep some details private. It’s so great to hear you mention the peace that you guys felt after moving into your new home. I’m so thankful that you’re back to blogging!


  4. Narci you have been through so much in the last couple of years and I applaud you for the grace in which you handle everything. You have a beautiful family and are truly blessed and that is what matters most. Wishing you all the best of everything in your new home! I was worried when you were not here blogging. So happy you are back!


  5. I just had to pop on and say I am so thankful you are back! Your blog (and IG) are such a breath of fresh air and always such a spiritual encouragement to me 💜


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