Summer Reading

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I am just sharing what I have been reading lately. I have read some great books, so I am excited to share them here with you today! 



It’s Always the Husband


This book is a thriller, and it kept me guessing on who did it the whole way through.   The author spends alot of time developing the characters and their relationships with one another, so the pace was a little slower and the thriller aspect a little milder than others I’ve read.   I enjoyed the book though, and would defintiely recommend it as an easy read and something that isn’t too dark or gory!

Under the Southern Sky


I really think that this author may be my favorite in the women’s fiction/chick lit category! This book did not dissapoint either.  The characters were likable, and their love story was so sweet and believable.  Definitely pick this one up if you need a great beach read that is light and easy! 

The Guest List


This book kept me turning the page, and I think I finished it in 2 days.  It was that good! I love the way that the plot unfolded, and I literally had no idea who had done it by the end of the book.. The author’s style reminded me of Agatha Christie. My only issue was that some of the language, sex, recreational drug use was distracting for me.  It wasn’t over the top(probably just enough for an r-rating), but I wish there had been less.  Overall, it was a great book! 

The Dutch House


Oh, I absolutely adored this one.  This book is based in Philadelphia, and follows the story of a brother and sister and their time together. The storyline jumps from present day to different times in their childhood, and it is just so beautifully weaved together.  This book is more nuanced and thoughtful, and I would definitely recommend this one if that sounds like something that you might love.  

Currently Reading: Such a Fun Age


I am about 1/3 of the way finished with this one, and so far I am enjoying it.  I know that this one received mixed reviews, so I am curious to read the rest and give you my full thoughts.  

What’s coming up next? We head to the beach later this week, and I have The Good Sister, The People we Meet on Vacation, and the Last Thing He Told Me in my queue for the trip.  

If you have a great book recommendation, leave it in the comments. I would love to hear them all! See you back here on Wednesday…. XOXO Narci

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  1. I highly recommend “Cottage By The Sea” by Debbie Macomber. Love, friendship, sadness/despair, resiliency of the human spirit… all beautifully wrapped up. You will laugh and cry.


  2. I’d love to hear your take on a Jane Austen or any other ‘classic’ type book. Rereading them in my 40s gives me a new perspective!


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