This and That: Three Things


Hey, hey! I accidentally scheduled this a day late! 🙂 This was supposed to publish on Monday morning.  🙂 Sp sprry for the delay! XO N

  1. Today, I am sharing three things for your Monday, and the first thing is this sweet message!  Sometimes, we forget to count all things as joy (for example the hard or uncomfortable), but oh how sweet this reminder is to do so.A622880C-9173-4909-9558-8062A86DDC36

2.  The Olympic trials are here, and our whole family is a big fan! So far, we’ve watched the womens track and the gymnastics, and I am BLOWN away by the hard work of these women.  They are just incredible!  Simone Biles is my favorite.   I love her heart and her grace at such a young age. Just crazy!


3. Date nights! So, it hasn’t always been easy for us to get away for a date night, but all of a sudden we are in a very sweet spot of being able to sneak away for a solo dinner when we want. It’s an absolute blessing. As much as we love dinner out, do you have some ideas on creative date nights? We aren’t good at this, so give us all your fun ideas!

That’s it for today…Happy Tuesdaym my friends! See you on Wednesday! XOXO Narci

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  1. Love your updates. I think weekly date nights are everything. Try Haywire next time (garlic stuffed filets and crab dip are addictive). I make an OpenTable reservation for us as often as possible.


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