Life Lately

I can’t believe this week is already finished! It’s been a busy one filled with prepping for college, soccer, and pine cove camp.  We have 11 days until back to school (Wow! That snuck up on me!) and 15 days until college drop off!  Before we know it, will have one college freshman and two in middle school. Again, wow!

In the meantime, this is what’s going on in our neck of the woods. 🙂


This made me laugh out loud! Welcome to the SEC, Texas and OU! I know my Aggie friends are feeling a little frustrated by the news this week, but you were here first, so you will always be our favorite Texas team! 

Presley has been busy! She’s been at Pine Cove City camp (where she is embracing all of the dress up days!) 



mixed in with cheer practice and her first weekend in the youth group!!! What fun!59B3C629-5E4E-4108-8851-9B3AAB48DE6E

It’s been life per the usual for me, personally, but I should tell you that the cats are still living their best life! 


And, finally, we went to 6th grade orientation last night for our baby! She is ready and I know she will do GREAT 🙂


What’s up for this weekend? If you need me, I will be at a conference this weekend! Jackie Hill Perry is one of my faves, so I can’t wait to see her speak! What fun! 

See y’all back here on Monday! XOXO Narci


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