Life Lately

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you have had an amazing week. 🙂 This week has been full of back to school business, and I can hardly believe that it’s time to head back to school on Tuesday! And, then we will be following up with taking Jackson to Baton Rouge next Saturday. My goodness!


I took the kids to the pool on Monday of this week with friends and worked because it was so quiet! It was awesome!  I can’t argue with that work view.


Presley joined the youth group up at church, and she has been living it up.  She’s been a busy girl between that and school obligations, and just some back to school fun!

She got to wear her cheer uniform for the first time, and oh my that was FUN!




And, I was able to sneak in a selfie with this guy before he went in to grab his schedule and hang with his friends. 🙂


And, finally, Jackson dressed Daisy up in my readers the other night, and I just can’t with this picture.   haha!  Happy Friday, my friends!

So, next week,  I think I am going to take off in this space….Our work at Stitch Fix is changing a bit and I need some time to adjust to that plus we have two middle schoolers and one college kiddo to help transition to their next steps! Oh, and I turn 42!!  I will be back here on the 16th with a recap of all of our fun! I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Much love, Narci

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