Hosting your own Mystery Party

Hey friends! I hope you are doing amazing today.  We hosted a birthday party for Presley and her friends this past weekend, and decided to go with a Mystery Party Theme to celebrate her big day.  It was the perfect theme for this age group, and the girls had a total blast with it.  Honestly, I think it would be super fun for a Christmas celebration with Extended Family as well.  


Our mystery party can be found here, and it was very easy to use.  This was one was set at a small town Talent Show! The girls all had been assigned characters beforehand in addition to prepping a very short Talent show routine.  Some acted, a few sang, one girl played an instrument,  some were just fun and silly, some danced, and one sweet girl even played a ukulele (my favorite!). It was so super fun to watch them get creative.

I hired two college girls from our church to run the party. I can easily stress over the details of cleaning, preparing, and running a themed party, so this has been something I have done quite a few times over the past several years.  The older girls are always so much fun for Presley and her friends (which makes it way more cool than if I were running the show), and the older girls earn some extra money in the process. Win-win! 

Before the Party, I bought the mystery party package online , assigned parts, and printed/prepared all the party documents.

During the Party, the hostesses followed the guide and timeline provided by the party company.  The girls I asked to help were super fun, and really had blast with the girls. This made it so much fun for everyone! Each party guest did a great job of staying in character ( one character was supposed to be petrified by salt.  We had a lot of fun with this one! haha!), and also performed a shorttalent show routine. We had a quick break for dinner after the first round, then did cake during the next break, and this worked out perfectly.  

After the Party, the girls stayed for hot cocoa and some tag outside.  We did a movie, snacks, a sleepover, and the girls seemed to have a blast!

If you are looking for a fun tween or teen birthday party, I definitely recommend this one.  It was a ton of fun, on budget, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.

Happy Wednesday, my friends! XOXO Narci

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