Friday This and That :)

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you have had a great week.  This week has felt hectic, but we’ve found some sweet time for some slow January nights….

I was showing the kids Downton Abbey episodes on Monday night…Gosh, it is such a great show! I am not sure that they are hooked, but they both stopped long enough watch which is something!

The football team sent out a highlight video of the middle school season, and seeing my favorite kicker/punter  was such a fun surprise!

For this play, the other team’s defense broke through the line while Luke was trying to punt, so he took off, broke the tackle, and ended up being to punt anyway.  Did I just become the mom who talks about her kids cool plays on her blog.  Maybe.  haha.

This has me looking forward to next season for sure. 🙂

I was working in the office, and I heard this deep purring.  I looked over and saw Gracie, pleased as she could be with herself, in the basket of blankets.   Too funny.

Well, that’s all I have for this morning! Today, I have work, and then a birthday sleepover for one cutie, and a soccer tournament for another!   Should be a fun weekend ahead. 🙂  See you back here on Monday, y’all! XOXO Narci


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