Photo and Phone Editing Apps

Hey, Hey! Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great week!  Today, I am sharing about my favorite photo and phone editing apps!

These are the apps that I use to fine tune  or add a special touch to my photos, graphics, or any other digital images on my phone!

Meet my favorites!



Beauty Plus

I can’t remember where I found this one, but it’s a great one! You can color correct, play with exposure, brightness, fix blemishes, and it has a great library of filters that will give your photos a more creative look (for instance, more vintage etc) 


If you have ever been interested in playing around with Presets, this is a great app to use! You can also make corrective changes to an image (let’s say it’s too bright or too dark!) in addition to loading presets that are available all over the internet! 

Canva and Pic Monkey

These two apps are very similar in their capabilities, so I grouped them together.   If you have a need for any sort of graphics (like for a blog or for social media) these are so user friendly and quite powerful! Both apps have their own unique feel, so I definitely recommend downloading both to see which feels more like your style.  Because I love being creative, I like the flexibility of having both so I can jump into either depending on the project I am working on.


Ah! This app will always have a special place in my heart! It’s the app I used to compile Rob’s 50th birthday video. You can set clips to music (I asked friends and family to send videos wishing him happy birthday) and set it all to music!) It’s so user friendly, and I think you will really love using it! 

Okay! Well, if you need me before Friday, I will be getting all the things ready for Spring Break around here! Presley is heading to DISNEY WORLD with one of her besties, and Rob and I are taking Luke Skiing! We are heading to Angel Fire, and it’s my first time skiing in way too long…so please send me all the recommendations if you have them! 

Happy Wednesday, my friends! 


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