Three Things

Hey, Hey–Happy Wednesday! I hope you are having a great day!  Today, I am sharing three things that are going on around here.  Here we go! 

  1.  Middle School Track

Last year, much of Luke’s track season was cancelled so this was our first season to really watch him do his thing . We’ve always known he was fast, but seeing him take off for track and been super fun.  He walked away with 3 gold medals for the district.  Who knew! 

2. Summers with this guy and our crew are just around the corner.  

Jackson comes home next week, and school is out for Luke and Presley the following week.  We have lots of fun trips planned for the end of May and then it’s all about summer.  I can’t wait! 

3. Luke’s first middle school semi-formal

Luke had his very first formal dance, and he had a blast.  This group of boys is such a blessing to our family.  It is going to be FUN watching them grow up over the next 5 years!

If you need me today, I will be chaperoning the 6th grade field trip and then coming home and getting some work done. ha! See you back here on Friday for a list of things that I am loving lately!

Have a great day! XO Narci 🙂


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