What I’ve been Priming

Hey, hey y’all! Happy Monday morning from me to you! My weekend was busy with sports and family–my favorite kind for sure. 🙂

Today, I am sharing what I have been priming lately. It’s post full of things like: teen crafts, beauty items, natural supplements, and a few other things for good measure!

These fun beads are a great thing to have on hand if you have a pre-teen or teen girl. You can make bracelets, earrings, and the the kit includes everything that you need. 🙂

I have talked about these peel pads before, and I absolutely love them as a great option for resurfacing your skin, so it looks and feels great. I often cut each pad in half, so this package will last a whole month!

I had been noticing that my emotions and body were feeling especially yucky leading up to my time of the month, so I ordered and tried this natural supplement, and I really think It has made a noticeable impact for me. Definitely worth trying out, if you are experiencing something similar.

We are trying out this table in our living room, and so far I am really enjoying it. It’s probably a touch small to be considered a full coffee table, but it is perfect for our smaller space in the living room. I really like it, and it’s a little different too which is fun!

And, finally, I am about to touch up a piece of furniture, and I ordered another can of this chalk paint. It’s my favorite to use, because it’s easy to purchase, the application is SUPER simple, and it always turns out beautifully! I am working on our patio table this week!

Well, that’s all for me today! I can’t wait to see y’all around this space more. I have missed you for sure! XOXO Narci

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