Life Lately

Happy Friday, my friends! I hope you had a fabulous week.  Today, I am sharing a little bit of life lately around here.

For Mother’s Day weekend, we spent most of our time on the soccer fields.   We snuck in a lunch in between games at my favorite Mexican restaurant and just had a sweet weekend together.  Luke’s team played well too which was fun!

Life Lately has been sunsets on the back porch…

and this girl stepping back onto the volleyball court. It’s been super fun to watch her play again!

We’ve been loving on our community with our awesome school.  These girls scrubbed the outside of houses and were such hard workers! Plus, they did it with a smile on their face! 

Also on the schedule lately? I have been working out at the gym again. I’m lifting weights to tone up and walking/running outside to stay active.  It feels good to be making healthy choices for my body for sure.  

And, finally Presley had her big sis/lil sis reveal for cheer, and she had the best time. The big sis wrapped herself in wrapping paper, and the little sis had to unwrap her to find out who she was,  So super cute!

It’s starting to feel like summer here, so if you need me this weekend I will be outside enjoying the pretty weather!  AND, my favorite college freshman is coming home tonight after completing his first year of school. So exciting!  See you back here next week, friend.

Much love, Narci

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