Baked Spaghetti

I don’t know about you, but a good cheesy pasta dish is just good for our souls every once in a while!  I love this dish, because it’s a crowd pleaser and is the perfect meal to take to a friend.  This usually can feed my family of 5 for two nights. 🙂


2 jars spaghetti marinara sauce (I love this brand and this brand)

2 lbs ground beef

1 package Beefy Onion soup mix

1 package of spaghetti

1-2 cups of sour cream, depending on preference

4 cups of shredded Italian cheese


  1.  prepare spaghetti as directed on package, drain.
  2. Brown ground beef, drain, add spaghetti sauce and beefy onion soup mixture, simmer
  3. Mix spaghetti, sauce mixture, sour cream, and 2 cups shredded cheese
  4. transfer to 9×13 pan, top with remaining 2 cups of shredded cheese
  5. bake at 375 until cheese is melted and bubbly. 🙂



San Antonio Recap

Hey, y’all!!  Well, we had the very best time during our little trip to San Antonio!!  On Wednesday morning we loaded up the car to head down south for a few days!

Waco is about mid-point for us to San Antonio, so we stopped at one of our very favorite places: Magnolia Market!   We’ve been a few times, but we’ve never tried the cupcakes at the bakery.  So, it was the perfect pit stop for our crew!

It was pretty sunny on this day, so they were handing out these pretty white umbrellas to shade against the sunlight!

If you know me well, you know that I am partial to a shutter and a window box, so I was in HEAVEN here!

Presley and I are big fans of Fixer Upper and Joanna….so we had all of the feels while visiting!

We stayed at the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country Resort, and I just can’t say enough great things about this property!   It really was the perfect place for a family getaway no matter where you live!  This was our view after check in!

We stayed in a room with two double beds and a balcony, and it fit our crew perfectly!  Also, the bathroom was super roomy with a separate shower and tub!   We felt like we were at home!

After check-in, we hit the lazy river

and did a little night swimming

This girl was just so happy to see her kids having fun!   

PS A few of you asked where to find this dress, and you can find it here!

After swimming and dinner poolside, we snuggled up in the hotel room and watched a movie!   The JW Marriott has smart TVs in their rooms, so you can access your Netflix, hulu, etc.  This was so nice after long days of swimming outside!

Our view from the room that night!

The next day, we were up and  ready early for some more fun!  We started off our day at the incredible breakfast buffet at Cibola Moon!

And, afterwards, we rode ALL the slides, floated the lazy river, and just enjoyed being together!

The hotel itself is gorgeous and was so incredibly peaceful the whole time! It was fairly quiet the whole time we were there!

After swimming, we roasted marshmallows for S’mores

and then ordered room service for dinner!  I finished reading this book during our trip, and it was so cute!

romper here

While we waited for room service, We all took showers….and then went out to explore the grounds a bit after we ate!

We played cards at one of the many oversized seating areas, plus they had several game tables set up around the property!   We played checkers, chess, ping pong, and more!  There were fireplaces with wooden rocking chairs in the main area, and I can only imagine how fun that would be in the wintertime!  Plus, they heat their pools year round which I loved!

so fun!

(my romper )

The boys brought their football and soccer balls and loved all of those gorgeous wide open spaces to play!  Meanwhile, Presley and I were busy admiring everything and planing her future wedding there.   We were big fans of this garden at Sunset. 😉

All in all, it was a perfect day together!The next morning, we went back to the breakfast buffet at Cibola Moon!   And, I really can’t say enough about the food at this resort!  The room service, the pool dining, and Cibola Moon were just outstanding!   They locally source their menu from their garden, make all of their own jams, and the whipped butter is like heaven on a plate.  🙂

Our room was by the spa, so we snuck over their that morning just to check out the facilities!   This is the private pool that is used for the spa patrons, and it would be the perfect location for a relaxing girls trip!  It was just me and the kids this time, so I wasn’t able to have any services done….but it’s on my list for our next trip!

We spent the rest of the morning enjoying the slides

and making splashes in the lazy river

Jackson must have ridden each slide 50 times.  He definitely got our money’s worth out of the waterpark feature. 😉  

And, At around mid-day, we checked out …we will definitely be heading back sometime very soon!  All of the employees were just so genuinely nice and made us feel right at home!  I loved that!

On the way home, we stopped in Gruene, TX!   It’s a small historic town on the river and just outside of San Antonio!  

At the recommendation of a reader, we stopped at the Gristmill restaurant for lunch, and it did not disappoint!   It’s an open air restaurant on the river, and it is so beautiful!

I had the Grist burger which is a burger covered in Queso….I’ll let that sink in for a bit.  It was just as good as it sounds. 😉

And, it wouldn’t be a true Texas road trip without a trip to Buc-ee’s for snacks and gas!   If you haven’t been, it’s basically just a super-sized gas station/convenience store….I can’t even tell you why it’s so popular, but we always stop because I am a sucker for an honest to goodness Texas tradition. 😉

A few of you asked about Presley’s romper and you can find it here!  It’s one of my favorites!

We had such a fun little trip together!   I think we may make this getaway a yearly tradition!   Happy Monday, friends!  It’s so good to be back  XOXO Narci

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with some of my very favorite girls, Erika and Andrea!  

Right now, we are enjoying our time in San Antonio and having an amazing stay! Although I had big plans about having a great post for y’all today, I am just having too much with these three faces during our fun little trip! 

So, I’ll be back on Monday with our regularly scheduled programming! This small break has been such a sweet little blessing, and I can’t wait to share our fun with you on Monday! Spoiler alert: this has been such a neat trip! I can’t wait to share my thoughts! 

Happy Friday! Xoxo Narci 

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hey, y’all! What a sweet weekend over here at our house! It’s been a busy few weeks full of 2 birthdays, the end of school, my normal work routine, a baseball camp, a soccer camp, football conditioning, volleyball, VBS and more.  This is how I felt on Friday after making it all happen.  Mama was tired!

Honestly, my tank was empty.  So, I cleared my calendar as best I could for the rest of Friday and the weekend, and it was the best decision!  This was the first weekend where we really felt like summer was here, and it was amazing! 🙂

On Saturday morning, I met this cute family for a session!  They were just precious!

And, then Rob and I divided and conquered….He chaperoned while Jackson celebrated his birthday with a few friends at the Beach Club, and I took the younger two to a different pool for the day!  I heard that the boys had a blast, and Shrimp Tacos are almost always a good idea!

It really was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

This weekend, I spotted two cute boys playing in the backyard

And, I realized that we only had 76 days until the season opener for the Rebels! 

 College Football girls, you know my heart skipped a beat when I saw that!  And, on Sunday, we spent the day celebrating this guy!

Church, lunch, swimming, and grilling.   What a perfect day honoring this dad!

Followed by the most peaceful backyard sunset.

The perfect ending to a great weekend!  Happy Monday!

Just a note: the kids and I are heading on a little adventure, so this will be the last day I post for this week until Friday Favorites!  If you’d like to follow along, you can catch me over on Instagram!   Have a great week, friends! XOXO N

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  We’ve had a busy week full of camps and summer fun over here, but we are all ready for the weekend! Here are a few of my fashion favorites from this week!   Bring on all the cute styles for summer!

I love this little dress for summer!  The detailing is just gorgeous!


And speaking of dresses, I am just gaga over this one!   We are leaving for a little getaway on Wednesday, and I am thinking this one would be precious for dinner!

This little top is on sale for $23, and I love it with jeans and shorts!  I am 5’6″, and it lays perfectly for both!

Also, I love this gorgeous tote for summertime!  It’s a splurge, but so fun!

And, if you prefer a steal, I love this one as well!!

This week, I restocked my concealer, and I was reminded by how much I adore this in the summertime!   For everyday, I pair a little of this concealer under my eyes with my moisturizer, and it is perfect for the hot days!


There are so many cute items out there right now!  If you need a few more fun options, here you go!

Women’s Becca Color Play One-Piece Swimsuit • Becca
Free People Fleur Du Jour Mini Dress • Free People
Tarte TarteistTM PRO Palette • Tarte
A.N.A a.n.aTassel Trim Off The ShoulderBlouse
Anthropologie Jasmine Tassel Drops • Anthropologie
Madewell – Grayson Striped Cotton-jersey T-shirt – Blue • Madewell
Women’s Canvas Jewelry Fan Tassel Earrings
Women’s Bp. Zandra Beaded V-Strap Sandal • BP


Happy Friday!!  Don’t forget to blog about your favorites  and link up below!!  XOXO Narci

What’s going on

Just a little bit of this that going on around here these days!  We have had sweet bunny smiles…

and a new pool mascot 😉

I am  certain that it was quite the sight to see me stuff him in the back of my SUV, but he fit just fine after a little  shoving. 😉

Life has been a little bit of editing…

and posing with giant horse statues….

We’ve been decorating cupcakes….

I came across this quote in my Bible Study, and I thought  it was so powerful.  I really would love to display this somewhere in our kitchen!

This week has brought on size 12 shoes because our big boy is GROWING up

football scrimmages

and pool days with some of our favorite people!

Lately, I’ve been into this mixture for lunch….avocados, fajita chicken, and roma tomatoes with a little baslamic drizzled on for good measure.  Any reason to work in an avocado, right? haha. 😉

and, finally, I’ve been seeing some of the cutest little clients lately too.

Isn’t this family the sweetest?  Happy Thursday, y’all!  I will see you back here for Friday Favorites tomorrow! XOXO N

Workin’ It Wednesday

Hey, y’all!! It’s Wednesday, and I am so happy to be linking up with two of my girls, Shay and Erika, for their  LINK-UP….Workin’ It Wednesdays!!  workin-it-wednesdays

Truth be told: I am a busy girl….I manage three precious kiddos, their commitments, a photography business, this blog, a fun Stella and Dot gig, and much more.   I can’t wait to share what’s worked for our little family and read about your awesome tips, too. 🙂  My best ideas always come from my friends, so I am excited to plug into this set of topics!

Today, we are sharing about how we keep kids our kids entertained all summer long!  Here’s my list of summer fun for our family!

Summer Camps

Each summer, I sign each of our kiddos up for one camp based on their interests.  This year, we have soccer, baseball, and volleyball camp planned!

Pool Days

Our family loves the pool, so we tend to hit the pool as much as we can each week!  We swim, dive, jump, play basketball, and splash away….it’s our favorite outdoor summertime activity!

Bible Camp/VBS

There’s nothing more special or important than heading to learn more about Jesus…and I am thankful that my kiddos have an opportunity to do so!  They always have so much fun!

Evening Walks

We actually live a short walk away from our local grocery store, a few restaurants, and Starbucks! So, we have been going for evening walks to all of our favorite places!

Crafts, Baking, and Reading Time

Each summer, we spend time crafting, baking fun desserts, and adding in more reading time to our schedule!  These activities are great for days that are super hot and when we need something to keep us busy!   Presley has been all about the “fortune tellers” this summer and has been slowly making an inventory to sell at our next lemonade stand. 🙂  I love seeing their creativity at work!


And, finally, we usually try to plan a few vacations to break up the summer months…either to the beach or a fun road trip!   One of my favorite parts of summer is the opportunity to get some special time together as a family!

Thank you so much for the fun link up!  What’s your favorite summer activity?  Leave your ideas in the comments!  And, then hop on over and read everyone else’s ideas!

Happy Wednesday, y’all! XOXO N


Show and Tell Tuesday

Hey, y’all! Before we get started, I wanted to remind everyone that we are doing our summer photo challenge over on Instagram!

I think that I will be posting my photos on my regular Instagram feed and in my Instastories!  I would love for you to play along!   Just use the hashtag #graceandlovephotochallenge!   It’s going to be so much fun!

In the meantime, today, I’m linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and and tell link up!


Twice a month, we show and tell about certain topics!   Today, is all about #thestruggleisreal!

So, when I think of this phrase, I always consider it to be tongue in cheek…saying the struggle is real…when really whatever your going through is totally a first world problem.  So, I interpreted this as more of a lighthearted topic!

It just so happened that we had one of those crazy #thestruggleisreal days yesterday!   This is what our schedule looked like—notice how many conflicts we had:

7-8:30 am Football conditioning

8:30-noon Jackson working at Mission McKinney

8:30-noon Luke’s soccer camp

9:30-11:30 am Presley at Backyard Bible Club.

Chaotic, right?  Then this happened on the way to our 2nd stop for the day…

And, then after a quick charge, my battery died again about mid-way through our morning lineup.  Andre, an employee at our favorite McKinney grocery store, Market Street, SAVED ME and jumped my car again (Dear Market Street, please give him a raise….he was amazing!), but I was totally feeling like #thestrugglewasreal. haha.  Eventually, we got my car over to the dealership!  You just have to laugh about stuff like this right? 🙂  Also, our day totally reminded me of this meme that I saw a few weeks ago.  This is so our life at the moment. 😉

And, speaking of parenting and #thestruggleisreal…I totally laughed at these memes as well! 😉


I’m considering printing this one out and taping it to my face. 😉

And, I just had to include this one as well….because #yesmaam.

Happy Tuesday, y’all! XOXO Narci


Happy Birthday, Jackson!

Happy Birthday to my number 1.

Jackson, today, you are 14, and I couldn’t be more proud of the young man that you’ve become!

Jackson, you are strong, independent, and the kind of “outside of the box thinker” that sets the world on fire.

You are gracious but outspoken, a big thinker and a big believer.  You are careful…but willing to light it up when someone rattles your cage.  I predict big things, for you, my love.  This world needs more people just like you.

So smart and with a heart of gold…..Always willing to patiently wait for your opportunity….the best big brother that anyone could ever ask for….Jackson, our family loves you to pieces, and I can’t wait to celebrate you with your friends next weekend!

Happy Birthday, Jackson, JDD, Jack, and a few other nicknames that I can’t embarass you with on the internet. 😉  You make fourteen look good, bud.

 XOXO –Mom



Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all!! It’s Friday, and we are hosting Friday Favorites with my girls, Erika and Andrea!  My favorites include a whole bunch of this and that today!

First Day of Summer donuts just make us happy!

followed by walks to Starbucks

and trips to the gym and pool dates!

Jackson had his first High School football scrimmage, and seeing him enjoy playing is definitely a favorite!

A few of you asked about these darling flamingo shorts

and you can find them here!

Speaking of shorts, I accidentally ordered the wrong style of denim shorts last week, and now they are backordered! Boohoo!

 But, the ones that I did receive are super cute with the raw cuffed hem and distressing!

vneck tee shorts sandals

  Best mistake ever!

Also, I finally wore my new favorite dress to church!   I wore a half slip underneath (which hit me about mid-thigh), and it was perfect since the dress is pretty see-through on the bottom.  If you wanted this dress, I say go for it (but add something underneath)!  Or, it would be a darling coverup as well! 🙂  

Date night with this guy is definitely a favorite!

And, we celebrated Luke’s birthday with a very epic party!   These boys are seriously the cutest!

Our original party location was closed down the night before, so we rallied with a simple pool date and fidget spinner favors for the win.

Double rainbows out my back window are always a favorite!

and baby pouts make my heart go pitter patter!

I saw this in my Bible this week, and I just loved it so.  Isn’t this the truth?  

Gracious words can go a long way in nearly any situation.

Any, finally, our summer photo challenge starts on Monday, and I just can’t wait to get started!!

Don’t forget to play along if you want!  This is going to be a great summer!

Happy Friday, y’all!  Post about your favorites and link up below!!  XOXO Narci