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What’s Been Going On

Happy Monday, y’all!  I hope you guys are doing well!   First, I absolutely have to thank you for all the sweet prayers for our family as we put our house on the market!  It went live on Thursday night, and we are so thankful that it was quite active […]

What’s Been Going On

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a great Easter weekend.  Ours was so good!  What have we been up to?  Oh, just a little bit of this and that. When you put an extrovert in quarantine, you are likely to get some silly behavior on zoom calls. Also fun, […]

Good Friday

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you are having a great week. Today is Good Friday: the day that Christ was crucified on the Cross…if you’ve been following along on IG, then you might remember the Holy Week Timeline that we put together.  I love a visual, because I learn best […]

Work At Home Tips

Happy Wednesday, friends!  I hope you are having a great day!   Are you working from home right now?  My husband is, and I know that it can present quite a few hurdles, especially at first.  🙂 I have been working from home for almost 15 years, so I thought […]

Cooking from Scratch

Happy Monday!  How are you doing, today?  I hope you don’t get tired of me saying this, but I prayed for you this morning.  I love you all so much! So, I wanted to share something that we have been up to over here.  Normally, I don’t have time to […]

Friday Favorites

Hey, y’all, and Happy Friday! Today, we are hosting Friday Favorites with Erika and Andrea, and I’d love for you to join us. How are you doing this week, friends?  I have been praying for y’all!  Today, I am devoting this space to some super affordable and great athleisure items for your time […]

A Day in the Life! :)

Hey, Hey! Happy Wednesday from my house to yours! I hope you woke up with a smile on your face and some strong coffee in your cup. 🙂 I am showing up for a fun Day in the Life over on my Instagram Stories. So, hop on over and follow […]

This and That

Happy Monday, friends! Today, I am sharing a little bit of this and that from the weekend! I saw this over the weekend, and I couldn’t love it more.   I love that my people know this about me. haha!  Also, I’ve been over here rocking these inexpensive tanks for […]