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Happy Birthday, Jackson!

   Jackson–You are 11!! How on earth did that happen? You are sweet, kind, and such a good big brother! You are our spaghetti legs, my favorite theologian, our black and white, and our history expert. You are crazy smart, unashamedly quirky, and unafraid to speak your mind.  We are so proud […]

Weekend Recap

 What a wild weekend.  On Friday, we celebrated Luke’s birthday with our little family.  Presley decorated the kitchen table. 😉 It is so fun to watch Luke open presents!  His reactions are the best!!! And, this year, he could READ all of the cards from Rob’s family in Michigan.  That […]

And, then they graduated :)

Oh my goodness!  I can’t believe how quickly my boys are growing up!  Both boys had graduation ceremonies on Tuesday.  Luke’s ceremony was in the morning, and it was SO sweet!  They performed a little song and the teachers shared something special about each student called an “appreciation”!   Luke’s […]

Luke is 6!

    Oh my goodness!  Six seems SO big!  I’ll never forget when we found out we were expecting this sweet boy!  What a blessing!  🙂 And, it wasn’t very long before we realized that he might have a mischievous side. 😉  That big smile gets him out of ALOT […]