Friday What…

Today is just a fun compilation of 5 things that are going on in my world.    You know: what I am watching, reading, eating….I’d love for you to follow along.  Let’s go! 🙂

I had heard all the hype on this show, so I totally had to check it out!   Let’s see….a great mini-series about a group of Southern Women?  I am definitely in.

I also am almost done with this mini-series. Y’all. I don’t know why I am so into this one, but I can’t look away! It’s so good!

And, finally, you seen these videos on Youtube from the Bible Project?  One of my girlfriends knew I was reading Ruth and sent this one to me, and now I am hooked!  The Bible project has an overview video for each of the books of the Bible and I have so enjoyed viewing them as I read through the Bible in my quiet time.  They would be a great resource for you too! 🙂

I just wrapped up this book, and it was a very cute book for your summer reading.  It started a little slow, but around page 200, it heated up a bit more and I really enjoyed it from there on out.

Between the boys, we have two birthdays within one week so we have been busy celebrating and eating all of their favorites.  Also this week,  I am trying to finish everything in our freezer.  🙂 We move next week, and moving frozen items is never super easy.  I have spaghetti and shredded pork on our menu!  What about you? 🙂

I have been all about the budget jewelry for the Spring and summer, like

these pink earrings

these FUN yellow earrings

these classic white earrings

and this fun multicolored bracelet

All of these are under $10 which makes them cute and super affordable too.

It’s moving week!  It’s here, my friends, and I couldn’t be more pumped for this adventure. Downsizing and choosing to simplify and get off the hamster wheel was a somewhat scary step, but we have been given such peace during this process.  Today, we move into a temporary condo for a week while we will move the remainder of our big furniture out to prepare for the final DEEP cleaning, carpet cleaning, and last-minute fixes to prep this sweet house for the awesome new buyers.   We will close on our current house and new house next Wednesday and Thursday respectfully.  What fun.  I can’t wait to share all the details with you!   Have a great weekend, and Much love.  XOXO Narci

A Cute Online Boutique!

Happy Wednesday from my home to yours!! I know that you guys appreciate a small business just as much as I do, so I am super excited to share one with you today!  First of all, I just had to share this funny with you!

IT depends on the day, but I can fall into either category! Haha!

So, who doesn’t love cute clothes at an affordable price?  I know I do!

Karadise Boutique

This boutique is around the corner from me, and their items are just darling.  Sign me up for all of the cute and comfy loungewear!  Fun!

If you are local, she offers porch drop off.  Isn’t that so convenient??  If not, she will pop it in the mail to you.  So super easy to shop with her!

This first outfit is perfect for the warmer weather and has me looking forward to the sunny days ahead.

I also grabbed a few pairs of the softest joggers ever!   They turned out to be really cute with this tank from Karadise as well!  I am already thinking about getting it in other colors as well 🙂

Here’s the other pair of joggers with the black cami! Darling!

These sandals will be so cute for this summer. I can’t wait to start wearing these as well! 

Here’s how I shopped: I saw that they were really focusing on sharing items in instatories to try and keep sales going during these hard times.  So, I messaged them on IG, sent pictures of the items I loved and my sizing, and she helped me check out!  It was that easy! She was super responsive, and I was happy to help a small local business try and make it out of this hard season.   Her inventory is super cute, too! Also, she is offering 20 percent off all purchases through 5/1!  That’s amazing, right? 🙂

So, if you are looking for some cute new clothes, check them out.  🙂 Much love to you and yours.XOXO Narci