Friday Favorites!

<div align=”center”><a href=”; title=”Momfessionals”><img src=”; alt=”Momfessionals” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> Yay!! It’s Friday!!! I am so excited! Today, we are doing our super fun Friday Favorites Linkup with Andrea and Erika!! Thank you for all of your sweet comments about us moving–We will be staying in McKinney when we do find a […]

Planning for Family Pictures: Fall Edition

Oh, gosh!  Other than Christmas, Summertime is probably my favorite time of the year because I get all of my babies home all day, every day.  The days tend to be a little lazier, we spend alot of time outside, and we are just less obligated…but Fall is coming, girls…AND, I am even thinking […]

Pinspired: She’s out of your League

Today, I am linking up with the incredible ladies at Mix & Match Mama, Pinterest Told Me To, and The Larson Lingo for “Pin-spired”. I do love getting fashion inspiration from Pinterest, but this time I had something else in mind. 😉 (You can find the original picture here.  Shout […]

Friday Favorites! :)

Woohoo! Aren’t we all so glad it is Friday?! Guess what–Changes are coming! The last few weeks I have been posting on only Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but next week I will start posting Monday through Friday from here on out!! It’s going to be so fun, and I have […]

Weekend Review

This weekend was so nice! 🙂 We have been burning both ends of the candle prepping and putting the house on the market for the past few weeks, but this weekend we were able to just relax and have some downtime! I love a good quiet weekend!! Jackson is going […]

Friday Favorites!

Yay! It’s Friday which means I am linking up with Erika and Andrea this week for our Friday Favorites! <div align=”center”><a href=”; title=”Momfessionals”><img src=”; alt=”Momfessionals” style=”border:none;” /></a></div> 1. Prince George. I am obsessed with the royal toddler. Look at him walk and his sweet profile! Kate and Wills, call me! […]

Why you should never swear on a Coach Bag ;)

Aren’t testimonies incredible?  I love that everyone has a different one, designed to glorify and bring others to Him. Some are full of heart-wrenching details and others are simpler, less dazzling versions…but they all speak to a different kind of person. Currently, I am reading a book that challenges you to live out […]

Michigan on Monday

So, one of my awesome friends, Sarah, sent me this over the weekend!  Haha.  Fried Chicken Oreos!  Oh goodness! It turns out that this is just an internet hoax, because you know I googled that mess. We totally were tracking down those babies to test out! Also, it is almost time to […]

Friday Favorites!

It’s Friday!!! Yay! This weekend, we will be vacuuming in between showings and treading lightly as we keep our house show ready!  Last night, the kids ate hot dogs on beach towels in my entry way, because THE KITCHEN TABLE WAS ALREADY CLEAN.  Can I get an amen from the mamas […]