Dirty Girl

If you know me in real life, you know that I can be a little scattered, maybe a tiny bit quirky…so, even though this blog is supposed to only be about the kids…sometimes, it’s just more “real life” to take a total left turn and tell you about last night […]

Summer Reading List

I just love summer!  During the school year, I really don’t have time to read as much as I like–we stay super busy with school, sports, work, etc.  In the summer, though, there is just enough time to catch up on all of the books I’ve meant to read throughout […]

Presley’s Rain Dance

After we dropped off the boys at VBS yesterday, Presley asked if we could go for a walk in the rain.  I mean, why not?  She has been really into taking “long walks” lately, and who am I turn down such a sweet request? “Watch my Umbrella Dance, mama!”   And, then […]

Happy Monday!

This week, the boys will be attending VBS with friends–Presley isn’t old enough for this particular program which is fine with me, because that means GIRL TIME!   The boys are going to have so much fun!  Yay! I can still remember dropping Jackson off for  VBS when Luke was […]

All-Star Baseball Game

Last Wednesday, we celebrated Jackson’s Birthday.  This is what I love about preteen boys–having your birthday on a random Wednesday could be boring, but he had chocolate chip waffles for breakfast and played video games for most of the day.  That is heaven when you are turning 11! We, also, […]

Random Monday

Wow!! I am so confused–my calendar is saying that it is June and we should only be concerned about swimsuits and sleeping late, but it has been a crazy few weeks!  So, while I do have some fun pictures to share from the All-Star Baseball game, Jackson’s bday fun, and […]

Happy Birthday, Jackson!

   Jackson–You are 11!! How on earth did that happen? You are sweet, kind, and such a good big brother! You are our spaghetti legs, my favorite theologian, our black and white, and our history expert. You are crazy smart, unashamedly quirky, and unafraid to speak your mind.  We are so proud […]

Weekend Recap

 What a wild weekend.  On Friday, we celebrated Luke’s birthday with our little family.  Presley decorated the kitchen table. 😉 It is so fun to watch Luke open presents!  His reactions are the best!!! And, this year, he could READ all of the cards from Rob’s family in Michigan.  That […]

And, then they graduated :)

Oh my goodness!  I can’t believe how quickly my boys are growing up!  Both boys had graduation ceremonies on Tuesday.  Luke’s ceremony was in the morning, and it was SO sweet!  They performed a little song and the teachers shared something special about each student called an “appreciation”!   Luke’s […]